American Rapper Wiz Khalifa Made an Oreo Song For His Son

Hydrox and Oreo’s ads

More than a hundred years ago, Oreo was a copycat, and Hydrox was the original creator of this biscuit. The vast majority of fast-moving consumer goods are the same, the homogeneity is serious, and so the decisive factor affecting our choice is the “brand”.  More than 100 years of continuous brand marketing has created a classic Oreo, and the original has gone.

Oreo’s commercial.

Fun has always been part of the Oreo brand’s DNA. Now, with the launch of the new “Keep Childlike” campaign, the brand has established its playful spirit as the core of all creative communication, including TV, digital platforms and content partnerships. For more than a century, Oreo has been spreading this spirit between young and old.

Khalifa playing with Oreos.

In order to carry out this campaign in the United States and Canada, Oreo worked with musician Wiz Khalifa and his five-year-old son, Sebastian, for the brand’s TV commercial.  It tells about a busy father and his son, who pays close attention to and imitates everything his father does, and finally makes them realize the importance of spending time playing with others. 

Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited Edition Music Box

Khalifa recorded an original song about the importance of keeping having fun, as the soundtrack for the advertisement. Oreo also released Khalifa’s full-length original Oreo song, “Playful 4 life” to fans, in a fun way- through a new, limited edition of the Oreo Music Box. Fans are able to hear the newest full- length Wiz Khalifa track exclusively on an Oreo cookie. Oreo X Wiz Khalifa Limited Edition Music Box is a small record player powered by Oreo cookies.  Just put the Oreo cookie on the turntable of the music box (just like you put a record), slide the record arm into the proper position, and play a song. 

Playful concept

The so-called “playing concept” is to implant the eating method of “twist, lick, and dunk” into consumers’ minds. This is a marketing method Oreo has been insisting on for almost half a century. According to Oreo, fun has always been part of the brand’s DNA. The brand is establishing its playful spirit as the core of all creative communication, inspiring the world to maintain the spirit of gaming.

Khalifa and his sun dipping Oreos in milk.

Oreo’s many interesting ways of eating have set off a debate about “the best way to eat Oreo”.  Soak it in milk?  Spread the biscuits and eat the middle first?  In addition, everyone is still arguing: Is it eaten alone?  Put it in the cake?  Or as dessert?  Many people may have this habit when eating Oreos, and do these three actions in the same way. Today, it still continues the unique way of eating “twist, lick, dunk”. 

Children as the protagonists

The son imitating his father with the toy.

Children are Oreo’s main target market. Children themselves are fun elements. The use of children in advertisements is a very handy way of communication. The audience recognises and enjoy the child’s performance. 

Emotional lines

Oreo ads decorated with warmth and playfulness make Oreos not only delicious snacks, but also a warm band that connects people’ s emotions. 

The phrase “Stay playful”

The very end of the Oreo ad.

The sharp slogan “stay playful” is innovative. The line is simple and easy to remember. These two words are simple but very detailed. This slogan clarifies the entire details, so that it is easier to resonate with buyers, and the effect is very good.

Khalifa throws hid phone away.

And the wise lyrics “let’s stay playful Oreo” in the single seems joyful to the audience. Of course, the finale is Khalifa, throws his phone away which makes audience feel happy for the son.  In addition, Khalifa’s identity at this time is still a prospective father. 

Celebrity endorsement 

The use of popular black musician left a deep impression in people’s hearts.  Khalifa and Oreo are in stark contrast. Oreo will reach a greater audience using his fame, status and fan base.

Oreo biscuits have always been popular and their sales have always been the best in the industry. Together with the limited edition music box and refreshing packaging, more consumers are being attracted. This advertisement inherited Oreo’s consistent brand image, and further deepened its image of youth, vitality and happiness. Therefore, such marketing helps to deepen the public’s impression, consolidate the customer base, and maintain the resonance between consumers and Oreo.


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  1. This was an interesting post to read. I did not know that they did a collaboration to make this ad. I think that this advertisement as well as the other Oreo ads did a great job at portraying its playful concept. Thank you.


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