Today, I will be sharing a successful campaign by one of the world’s favourite brands, Coca-Cola. Coca-Cola has a long and proud history since late 18th century, and has dominated the soft drink industry even till today. It is known for its strong brand personality of fun and family among its loyal consumers, and for continuously trying to create positive personal impressions on its everyday consumer. Coca-Cola means more than just a soft drink; it captures the essence of human relationships, which one can have with friends, families and even with strangers.


‘Share a coke’ campaign is based on the spirit that good things must be shared, and Coca-Cola decided to swap its brand name on the product for the names of the people that matter to you most. That way, you can simply share a coke with your family and friends with their personalized names on. The marketing campaign got popular really fast, as many people loved the personalization aspect. Share a Coke started with 150 names and a new font called ‘You’ was specially curated for this campaign. It was gifted to celebrities and the product was placed in stores to allow consumers to discover the surprise themselves. It did happen, and many people started sharing on social media, creating much hype for the campaign. Within six months of launching, there were 330 million impressions on Twitter. Now, more than 150 million personalised bottles are sold. The Share a Coke campaign also attained 7 awards at 2012 Cannes Lions festival.

Why was Share a Coke so successful? One key reason was its ability to engage its digital savvy consumers to share their stories online. The brand gave autonomy to how its audience wanted to share photos, videos and create meaning out of the personalised bottles on various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It joined the conversation and stories that people created, rather than trying to tell or dictate its audience. This indirectly promotes the brand and spread awareness of the campaign in a natural yet effective way.

Morever, personalisation is big among teenagers and young adults, in the persuit of being unique and differentiated among their own peers. Not to mention, the first thing that distinguishes us among one another would definitely be our names! Having a Coke bottle that someone can call their own, has definitely increased consumers’ engagement with the product on a personal level. Last but not least, the tagline and message ‘Share a Coke’ is a straightforward and direct message to encourage consumers to take action and share the coke, once again promoting the product indirectly. The effective tagline reduces the need for Coca-Cola to repeat the message as consumers spread the message via hashtags (#shareacoke) on social media, encouraging it to go viral with minimal effort on Coca-Cola’s end.

In conclusion, many factors worked well together in this campaign resulting in it going viral within a short period of time. Many consumers even developed more content from this campaign such as music videos, songs and online competitions. Coca-Cola definitely made their impact on consumers through this campaign which one will remember for a long time to come. To end off, here’s a Coke bottle music video that garnered over 6 million views till date!

Pass It On – COKE BOTTLE SONG!! – ft. Kina, Max, Sam, Alex G, KHS, Diamond



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Matthew Hepburn (2016). The Share a Coke story. Coca-Cola Journey. Retrieved from http://www.coca-cola.co.uk/stories/share-a-coke

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  1. This is definitely an example of a good ad campaign. Simple, down the earth idea that is easily understandable by the customer with also a deeper message that goes down to the values of Coke being something that unites people. In addition, consumers always value this kind of a personalization and especially in this case Coca-cola makes itself super easy to approach. I have to admit I very rarely drink coke but in this case I just had to buy a coke that had my name on it!


  2. It is definitely a very impressive campaign that can catch people’s attention. The most important thing for advertising is to catch attention, and that’s the basic you need to persuade customers to buy the products.


  3. 한국의 코카콜라 지사에서도 코카콜라 페트병 라벨에 새로운 메시지들을 첨부하는 마케팅을 진행했는데 아마 해당 글에서 소개한 해외의 ‘Shareacoke’ 마케팅과 같은 전략으로 진행된 것 같습니다. 기존의 음료수 이름인 ‘Coca-Cola’가 아닌 ‘사랑해’ ‘힘내자’ ‘화이팅’ 등 3글자의 메세지를 담아 진열대에 놓여진 코카콜라의 모습이 소비자들의 눈길을 끌었습니다. 코카콜라라는 음료수는 굉장히 오래된 제품이지만 이러한 마케팅 전략을 통해 젊은 세대들의 시선과 관심을 끌어 점점 SNS를 통해 확산되었습니다. 또한 TV CF에서도 유명 TV프로그램인 ‘무한도전’ 멤버들이 직접 등장해 젊은 세대뿐만이 아니라 전연령층에 접근했다는고 볼 수 있습니다. 이와 같이 신생 기업뿐만이 아니라 기존의 오래된 기업들도 새로운 방식의 Digital Innvation과 viral marketing이 결합한 광고를 진행해야된다고 봅니다.


  4. I agree with that personalisation is one of the important factors to youngsters. This campaign of Coca-cola pointed the factor well. I think as the time goes by, there are less unique things for each people. Everyone can access to same info in somewhat level. I think this is the reason why people want something unique and personalized thing. Good to know a successful example of personalisation!


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